Nonclinical & Clinical Safety in Europe

From complete programs to stand-alone studies, our Safety Assessment team offers a full range of in vivo and in vitro testing services and regulatory support to comply with worldwide regulatory requirements for the nonclinical development of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and animal health products as well as chemicals, agrochemicals, and biocides.

To streamline your pharmaceutical development program, we also boast a comprehensive clinical support portfolio, including bioanalysis, molecular biology, immunology, and biomarker services.

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Nonclinical Services

Whether you are developing therapeutics, agrochemicals, chemicals, or biocides, you can trust that your in vitro and in vivo toxicology studies will be designed, executed, and delivered in a way that best characterises the potential for human toxicity.

With nonclinical facilities in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Hungary, and France, your local facility has access to a global network of scientific experts.

Your in-house teams are bolstered by the contributions of our skilled study directors, toxicologists, pathologists, regulatory specialists, and support personnel at our European facilities.


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