Academic Welcome Program*

Our program is designed to give new academic researchers the boost they need to optimize their research studies in 2021. Our discounts include:

academic welcome program

  • Evaluate – Trial an animal model for free with our Animal Model Evaluation program.
  • Select – Research animal models are 25% OFF all mouse strains, including immunodeficient, inbred, and outbred.
  • Screen & Support – Our non-GLP cell line/research screening services can confirm that your biologics are free of infectious agents.

Academic NCG Program*

NCG mice are triple immunodeficient and lack functional/mature T, B, and NK cells. The animal models can host xenograft cells, tissue and human immune system components, making them an ideal choice for immuno-oncology, tumor biology, and tissue transplant studies.

  • 25% OFF female/male NCG mouse models

* Valid through December 31, 2021