Discounted Pricing for Research Models

Rutgers receives preferential pricing and unique offers for many of our products and services, including:

•   20% Off Mouse Research Models
•   35% Off C57BL/6 Mice
•   20% Off Triple-Immunodeficient NCG Mice and RNU Aythmic Rats*
•   $37.86  Ahtymic Nude, NU/NU and Nu/NU CD1 Mice**
•   $43.26 SHO (SCID Hairless Outbred) Mice**

* Plus free shipping
**Flat rate for all ages and any sex

GEMS Emergency Services, Extended for 2021

•   60% Off Cryopreservation: Mouse Embryo/Sperm and Rat Embryo
•   45% Off Reconsitution: Mouse Embryo/Sperm and Rat Embryo

NCI Grantee Pricing

Our NCI 2021 catalog offers grantees a reduced price on popular models. Pricing for NCI grantees will not increase in 2021.


If you have additional questions about discounted pricing for Rutgers, please contact Jennifer Marion