Discounted Pricing for Research Models

The University of Pennsylvania receives preferential pricing and unique offers for many of our products and services, including:

Research Models
•   8% OFF All Research Models (disease models excluded)
•   15% OFF Timed Pregnant C57BL/6 Mice
•   $24.51 C3H Mice*
•   $22.67 FVB Mice*
Discounted Delivery
•   25% OFF Freight for All Strains
•   30% OFF Crates for All Strains
Research Models for Oncology and Services
•   15% OFF Triple-Immunodeficient NCG Mice, plus free shipping
•   $41.90 Athymic Nude and Nu/Nu Mice + 30% OFF Gnoto-Safe-Crates
•   $26.76 B6 Albino Mice*
•   $73.85 CB17SCID and SCID Beige Mice*
•   $100.15 NOD SCID Mice*
•   Free Freight and Crate: B6 Albino, CB17SCID, FVB, NOD SCID, SCID Beige and NCG Mice
Oncology Services – Ask About Bundling Offers
•   Surgical Services: Study-ready catharized models to test therapeutic efficacy
•   Cell Line Screening – CLEAR PCR: Rodent Infectious Agent Panels and Human Infectious Agent Panels
GEMS Emergency Services
•   30% OFF Embryology and Genetic Testing Services 
•   20% OFF GEMS Breeding Services
•   25% OFF GEMS Breeding Services-Colony Management
•   40% OFF Sperm and Embryo Rederivation with Health Report
•   50% OFF Embryo Rederivation with HO Breeding
*Flat rate for all ages and any sex

NCI Grantee Pricing

Our NCI 2021 catalog offers grantees a reduced price on popular models. Pricing for NCI grantees will not increase in 2021.


If you have additional questions about discounted pricing for the University of Pennsylvania, please contact Jennifer Marion