Scientific Advisory Services team supports client programs by:

Reducing risk and accelerating timelines to the clinic

Our collaborative approach and deep scientific and regulatory understanding of various modalities (e.g., small molecules, mAbs, oligos, cell therapy, gene therapy, peptides etc.) provide you with the best strategy for bringing a novel therapy to market while minimizing risk.

Extending your capabilities with scientific support

Our seasoned experts are always ready to fill the gaps and extend the capabilities of your in-house team. Decades of successful drug development help us to design nonclinical programs that run smoothly and meet scientific and regulatory objectives.

Ensuring that the data is relevant and applicable for your end goal

We design the most appropriate and cost-efficient studies and programs that are customized to support your intended clinical trial protocol or product registration.

Navigating the complex regulatory environment

Long-term working relationships with global regulatory bodies inform our delivery of strategic advice on executing an optimal preclinical program. Understanding how and when to plan a preclinical investigational new drug (IND)-enabling program is an integral part of meeting specific milestones necessary for timely and efficient IND submission.

Utilizing a comprehensive portfolio for end-to-end drug discovery

With numerous technologies for target and hit identification combined with a knowledge-based approach to advance therapies to lead optimization studies in cell systems and animal models, the SAS team consistently delivers successful preclinical candidates.