Charles River offers a wide array of avian diagnostic and regulatory testing services, including serological profiling, virus isolation and vaccine testing. Protocols are available for standard testing methods and customized services.

9 CFR Testing

  • 113.26 Detection of viable bacteria and fungi except live vaccine
  • 113.27 Detection of extraneous viable bacteria and fungi in live vaccine
  • 113.28 Detection of mycoplasma contamination
  • 113.30 Detection of salmonella contamination
  • 113.31 Detection of avian lymphoid leukosis 
    (A p27 ELISA is performed in place of CF)
  • 113.34 Detection of hemagglutinating viruses
  • 113.37 Detection of pathogens by the chicken embryo inoculation test
  • 113.46 Detection of cytopathogenic and/or hemadsorbing agents

Avian Diagnostic Testing

  • Agar gel precipitin
  • Avian encephalomyelitis flock susceptibility
  • COFAL (10-day test)
  • HA-HI
  • Indirect Fluorescent Antibody (IFA) testing
  • Microneutralization
  • Multiplexed Fluorometric ImmunoAssay (MFIA™)
  • Real-Time (RT) and gel-based PCR
  • Salmonella isolation (drag swabs)
  • Salmonella pullorum microtiter
  • Serum plate agglutination
  • Vaccine potency test (single vaccine)
  • Virus isolations
  • Virus titration

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