Vaccine & Virus Seed Manufacturing

Charles River Laboratories can help expedite our clients’ vaccine development programs, from manufacturing for early-phase clinical trials through to lot release (potency assays) for commercial products. We have more than 20 years of experience manufacturing vaccines and viruses in cell culture, including dengue, influenza, and respiratory syncytial viruses.


  • cGMP virus and cell banking
  • Vaccine manufacturing via cell culture and SPF eggs
  • Vaccines for clinical trials (manufacturing scale – up to 7,500 vials per batch)
  • Pilot-scale virus manufacturing
  • Adaptation of production using animal component free reagents
  • Ability to work with clients to optimize processes and raise titers
3D rendering of purle DNA double helix on black background

Webinar - High Quality Plasmid DNA: A Case for Phase Dependent Approaches to Manufacturing

View this webinar for an overview of the technical challenges around plasmid production, emerging regulatory guidelines, and phase dependent approaches to plasmid supply for product developers, such as HQ (High Quality) plasmid DNA.

Watch the Webinar