Charles River also provides amino acid analysis and extinction coefficient determination for client products. We have performed these studies on a wide range of biological molecules, including peptides, complex and PEGylated biologics, molecules containing unusual amino acids, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, gene therapy vectors, and heavily glycosylated glycoproteins.

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    • Automated Edman Degradation
    • De novo Sequencing
    • Pyroglu deblocking of N-Terminus
    • GMP Drug Substance ID Testing
    • Truncation / Multiple N-Termini Determination
    • SDS PAGE + PVDF Sample Prep for Multiple-Subunit Sequencing
    • Extinction Coefficient Determination
    • Mole Percent Amino Acid Analysis
    • Timed Hydrolysis Studies
    • Gamma Carboxyglutamic Acid (GLA)
    • Tryptophan Determination
    • Lysine Quantification for Polylysine Formulations
    • Collagen Hydroxyproline and Hydroxylysine Ratio Determinations