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In this unprecedented climate of change and uncertainty, we in the research community are faced with all new challenges. Now more than ever, we know your work must continue for the patients who are waiting for new therapies. Our Discovery team is prepared and equipped to support you through these times and keep your research moving forward.
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Image of women preparing microtiter plates for High-Throughput Screening. These plates contain cell-based assays for that will provide data to identify targets or leads and optimize compounds for use in drug discovery and development.

Discovering and characterizing novel drug candidates for preclinical development depends on innovative and reliable science. Our unique combination of integrated, multidisciplinary drug discovery expertise and unparalleled scope of capabilities in targets, platforms, and therapeutic areas allow us to deliver depth and breadth in science with data and insight you can trust to progress your drug discovery programs.

ONO-8590580, a GABAA α5-selective NAM that improves hippocampal memory

A New Development in Cognitive Disorder Treatments

GABAA α5 NAMs may offer therapeutic potential for the treatment of disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, and recent discovery studies support this potential.

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Targeting Autoreactive B Cells

Targeting Autoreactive B Cells

Build a better targeted B cell therapy for autoimmune and inflammatory conditions like lupus and MS with assays that evaluate B cell function on distinct pathways.

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