SuperHuman Library for Antibody Screening

Don’t waste years discovering and optimizing a therapeutic-ready monoclonal antibody library. The SuperHuman antibody library was computationally optimized for both sequence diversity and engineering fitness through the analysis of thousands of human antibody repertoires and all known monoclonal therapeutics in human phase trials. Use this antibody library screening platform to:

  • Identify hits with unprecedented speed

    Rapidly discover swarms of unique antibodies against any target of interest with this antibody library screening technology.

    Superhuman tornado chart

  • Ensure more hits through diversity

    The SuperHuman library is over 100x more diverse than any previous  human antibody library. This unprecedented diversity has resulted in a unique engineering opportunity: a library that generates over 300 unique hits against every one of the antigens in the pipeline. Given the number of hits, this library can be panned under normally impossible aggressive conditions, recovering hundreds of picomolar binders, saturating coverage of hits against every epitope, and isolating multi-species cross-reactive members against target homologs without additional engineering.

  • Pre-optimize hits now to save time and reduce costs later

    While the CDR-H3 and the V-gene frameworks define much of a clone’s interaction with target, variations in the other CDRs can impact affinity and breadth of reactivity. The human antibody library was designed with about 5 billion CDR-H3s but 76 billion total antibodies. Due to the combinatorial design, each hit from the antibody library screen will appear with multiple variants. The result is key engineering guidance and optimization of every hit right out of the library. 

  • Provide an end-to-end platform for antibody therapeutic development

    The SuperHuman platform together with the extensive capabilities Charles River has in disease biology, pharmacology, biodistribution, safety, and late stage antibody candidate and manufacturing support creates a unique end-to-end platform for therapeutic antibody discovery and development.

Tumbler Antibody Engineering Technology

Artificial-intelligence based Tumbler technology provides a method for rapidly generating 500+ million versions of an input antibody in order to affinity mature, thermostabilize, deimmunize, species-cross react, biochemical liability remove, humanize, pH sensitize, and otherwise engineer an input antibody. 

  • Create billions of variants of your starting antibody to find improvements and remarkable therapeutic properties
  • Single-pass optimize your molecule's affinity, thermostability, immunogenicity, biochemical liabilities, and species cross-reactivity
  • Access biosuperiors with remarkable new characteristics such as acid resistance, pH switch binding, BBB passage, and cross-reactivity engineering

AbGenesis Antibody Repertoire Analysis

Traditional antibody characterization and analysis is a time-consuming and complex task, requiring synthesis of vast amounts of high-throughput sequencing data. With AbGenesis, a user-friendly cloud-based computational platform that compiles and analyzes sequence data quickly, researchers can complete antibody and immune repertoire analyses in hours that previously would have required months. From analyzing individual cells to millions of B-cell and T-cell receptors, as well as linking sequence and phenotype (affinity, expression efficiency, stability) data, AbGenesis allows researchers to derive meaningful insights and make informed decisions on all facets of antibody discovery.

  • Identify candidate clones
  • Analyze CDR diversity 
  • Analyze human antibody library selections
  • Assess hybridoma and immunization data 
  • Monitor population immune responses

AbGenesis accepts input data from any common platform (Sanger, MiSeq, HiSeq, 454, Ion Torrent, and public patent and structural databases), and the flexibility of the core immunoglobulin-recognizing algorithm allows for analysis of multiple species, model organisms or engineered constructs without constraints of codon usage or species of origin.

With the installation of AbGenesis, an integrated antibody analysis environment for all SuperHuman discovery campaigns is possible, resulting in exponential time savings.

    End-to-end Platform for Antibody Therapeutic Development

    This antibody discovery platform technology with antibody library screening from Distributed Bio together with the extensive capabilities of Charles River creates a unique end-to-end platform for therapeutic antibody discovery and development. Learn more about the integrated target to candidate portfolio: 

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