Charles River offers one of the most powerful screening platforms in the industry with over 850,000 unique chemical compounds. Since 2008, we have made several enhancements to our screening collection, both in refreshment of compounds and in the application of the industry's evolving awareness of compound quality and integrity. These enhancements have delivered a collection with significantly increased structural diversity and lead-likeness, whilst increasing its overall solubility profile.

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Compound Library Sets

Each library may be screened individually or in combination with other libraries, allowing a tailored approach to HTS project requirements and the greatest coverage of chemical space to maximize the chance of finding hits.

Lead-Like Compound Library
  • Premier collection of 151,000 sourced compounds
  • Structural alert-free and lead-like properties
SoftFocus® Compound Library
  • 45,000 compounds designed towards major target families
  • Knowledge for resupply and hit explosion
Diversity Compound Library
  • 667,000 sourced compounds applicable to a wide range of targets
Fragment Library
  • 1,500 high-solubility fragments including BioFocus 3D collections 
Compound Library Design
  • Custom-designed screening libraries to suit your requirements and budget