HCS Platforms

We develop assays for small molecule screening using our 850,000 compound collection and for RNAi screening using our proprietary adenoviral platform, SilenceSelect®.

The infrastructure available in-house at Charles River includes:

  • Multiple GE InCell Analyzer 2200 instruments
  • GE InCellAnalyzer 6000
  • TTP LabTech Acumen Explorer™
  • BD Pathway™ 435
  • LI-COR Odyssey imager
  • 10 TB and 30 TB dedicated image servers

Our extensive experience in high-throughput screening, in-house image analysis algorithm design and disease biology allows us to make the right selection of cell type and assay parameters before initiating HCS. Our expertise in assay development, image analysis and screening includes:

  • Anchorage independence (in 3D)
  • Apoptosis and cell death
  • Autophagy and protein aggregation
  • Cell motility and migration
  • Cytoskeletal rearrangements
  • Epigenetic modifications
  • Live imaging (e.g., Ca flux)
  • Marker expression
  • Neurite outgrowth
  • Protein acetylation and phosphorylation
  • Receptor internalization and degradation
  • Sub-cellular localization
  • Translocation of transcription factors
  • Viral replication