Shorten Timelines With Antibody Drug Discovery Technologies

Don’t waste time in translation or dealing with poor attributes. The right therapeutic-ready single chain antibody discovery library rapidly delivers human antibody hits right out of the gate. They are unparalleled in their developability, enabling the fastest route to the clinic.

Cosmic Antibody Library for Exclusive Leads

The Cosmic antibody library is our largest library of fully human CDRs with high rates of diversity, thermostability and non-immunogenicity. A gatekeeping process ensures clients are guaranteed 50 exclusive and unique lead molecules, eliminating the risk of first-to-file. With 100 billion unique full-human antibodies, the Cosmic antibody library offers a range of affinities against every target and the diversity required to hit hard targets. Developability is enhanced through rigorous engineering control and inclusion of validated scaffolds.

SuperHuman Antibody Library for Antibody Discovery

Therapeutic candidate antibodies against challenging targets are difficult to find, and most antibody leads need multi-parameter optimization. Leverage 10 years of progress in computational optimization of antibody drug discovery libraries with our proprietary SuperHuman single chain scFv antibody library. Watch our recent webinar to learn how this library, in conjunction with the Tumbler optimization technology, was used to identify potent, novel therapeutics that bind tightly to and block SARS-CoV-2.

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The result is key engineering guidance and optimization of every hit right out of this synthetic antibody library. When compared with mouse immunization, our proprietary SuperHuman phage display library enables rapid scFv and VHH antibody discovery.

SuperHuman antibody library and Tumbler antibody optimiation platforms successfully, and rapidly, identified multiple antibodies shown by independent labs to completely block the novel coronavirus from infecting human cells.

Successful ID of therapeutic antibodies against COVID-19

The SuperHuman antibody library and the Tumbler optimization technology identified antibodies shown by independent labs to completely block the novel coronavirus from infecting human cells.

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Compile, Analyze, and Optimize Antibodies with Tumbler

Artificial intelligence-based Tumbler technology provides a method for rapidly generating over 500 million versions of an input antibody in order to affinity mature, thermostabilize, deimmunize, species-cross react, biochemical liability remove, humanize, pH sensitize, or otherwise engineer an input antibody.

Charles River offers antibody development services using the SuperHuman antibody screening library, offering developability, diversity, and fully human VHH antibodies.

In 1986, the US FDA approved the first mAb to limit organ transplant rejection. Follow the journey, where next generation antibody discovery technologies contribute to therapeutic or diagnostic mAbs now approved.

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End-to-end Platform for Therapeutic Antibody Discovery and Development

This antibody discovery platform technology creates a unique end-to-end platform for therapeutic antibody programs. Learn more about the integrated target to clinic portfolio:

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