Chemistry Services

At Charles River, we are proud of our world-class early discovery teams who have delivered over 75 preclinical development candidates and are co-inventors on over 320 patents for partner organizations to date. Our integrated drug discovery approach enables you to benefit from efficient navigation of the early discovery process utilizing experienced medicinal and synthetic chemists, biologists, structural biologists, DMPK experts, in vivo pharmacologists, and formulation specialists all focused on the discovery and optimization challenges of your drug candidates.

We provide integrated drug discovery services spanning hit identification, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization, all complemented by synthetic, process, and scale-up chemistry, computer-aided drug design, structural biology, assay development and screening, and comprehensive ADME and PK profiling.

Key Skills & Experience

  • Delivery of high-quality development candidates
  • Broad therapeutic disease area expertise (e.g., respiratory, CNS, oncology, inflammation)
  • Significant experience working across all druggable gene family target classes
  • Problem-solving expertise and creativity
  • Interpretation of biological data
  • Understanding of physicochemical properties
  • Application of compound quality metrics
  • Development of structure-activity relationships
  • Removal of unwanted off-target activities
  • Optimization of ADME, PK and PK/PD profiles
  • Ability to execute patenting strategies