Flexible Custom Synthesis for Stable Isotopic Labeling

Whether you require an internal standard for quantitative analysis in a clinical study, need to determine metabolic routes and rates, or require an assay substrate molecule that releases a labelled product distinct from the endogenous product molecules present in a cell or tissue sample, we can create a flexible custom synthesis that meets your stable isotopic labeling needs.

Isotopic Labeling Service: Atomic Exchange of H, C, N and O

Charles River exchanges these atoms as part of the isotopic labeling service: H, C, N and O. Deuterated standards are often used in our metabolic fates profiling studies.

Our team of experts readily advise and offer strategic solutions that account for likely sites of metabolism, minimizing the risk of subsequent loss of labeling within putative metabolites. You can expect expert design and execution of multi-step synthesis that meets the need of your program. On-site equipment at our state-of-the-art facilities ensures you receive rapid results.

We don’t require specific stable isotopes with the site of labeling identified. However, if you have these inputs, our isotopic labeling team can provide a quote for the custom synthesis of your compound, including any of the required reagents and the expected delivery timelines.

If you do not currently have a stable isotope standards plan, give us your current unlabeled target of interest and we will recommend a cost-effective stable isotope solution. If you require a specific region of the molecule to be labelled, just let us know. We’ll be happy to discuss your viable isotopic labeling options.

Isotopic Labeling Data Packages

You will need a GLP certificate of analysis (COA) to take the stable isotope labelled compound through a clinical study as an internal reference standard. Charles River’s custom synthesis of stable isotope-labeled materials can be provided with a comprehensive data package that includes supporting analytical data to meet GLP standards and facilitate regulatory submission as required.

Additionally, all isotopic labeling materials are provided with a Certificate of Analysis specifying:

  • UPLC-MS purity 
  • 1H-NMR (13C, 19F, 15N and 31P-NMR as required) 
  • a measure of isotopic enrichment ascertained by Q-TOF LC-MS

We can also write a final synthesis report for your stable isotope labeled standard. We will be happy to produce your report in the agreed format, along with the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) upon request.

Have a question for our chemists?

As our client, you retain exclusive rights to all the isotopic labeling data generated from your project. Extensive confidentiality practice and quality assurance (QA) processes protect your investment and ensure your data is secure.

Accumulated Drug Discovery Knowledge

As programs progress, the synthetic chemistry team can access the resources from Charles River’s extensive portfolio, tapping into the knowledge of our organization’s structural biology, in vitro biology, DMPK, in vivo pharmacology, pharmaceutics and formulation, and safety assessment teams to further support your project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Isotopic Labeling Services