Medicinal Chemistry CRO

Drug development is risky. Advance your best candidate and improve your chances for clinical success with analysis and insight from our integrated multidisciplinary team. As a full-service medicinal chemistry CRO, we can optimize your compound from the earliest stages, shaving time and money from your discovery projects.

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Charles River is a medicinal chemistry CRO offering medchem, discovery chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry services with experience and medchemistry knowledge.

Discovery Chemistry Services

A strong discovery chemistry team considers factors such as client intellectual property (IP) generation, compound stability for in vivo studies, solubility and other poor property issues, weak exposure in an animal, and off-target selectivity. These factors are critical to the development of commercially successful and safe therapies.

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Charles River medicinal chemistry, synthetic chemistry, biology, structural biology, DMPK, in vivo pharmacology, and formulation teams collaborate.

Medicinal Chemistry CRO partnership

When partnering with Charles River for medicinal chemistry services, you are also accessing medchem CRO expertise across our entire organization. Our discovery chemistry services project managers are scientists who expertly to coordinate with these in-house Charles River teams:

  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Synthetic chemistry
  • Biology
  • Structural biology
  • DMPK, in vivo pharmacology
  • Formulation

All teams are focused on the seamless orchestration towards the discovery of partner candidate compounds.

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If you’re considering an inhaled drug formulation, watch this webinar for valuable guidance on respiratory drug design.

Medicinal Chemistry CRO Services Fight COVID

The lungs are the primary organ affected by COVID-19 and effective respiratory therapies are urgently needed to treat patients suffering from the disease. If you're considering an inhaled formulation, learn what you need to know from med chemistry CRO expert, Nicole Hamblin, in this webinar.

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