The Pharmaceutics experts at Charles River work closely with the chemistry, biology and DMPK teams to provide essential information on the physical properties of compounds in order to help direct medicinal chemistry activities and to de-risk candidate molecules with respect to their pharmaceutical developability.

Early characterization of key compounds with respect to their crystallinity and solubility allows for faster progression into in vivo studies, whilst also aiding interpretation of the results obtained from them. In parallel with this, early evaluation of key development criteria such as stability and hygroscopicity allow major liabilities to be identified at a stage when they can be easily addressed.

An added benefit of this approach is the ability to use the crystallization information obtained to assist our Chemistry teams. By using crystallization to circumvent time-consuming chromatographic purification, preparation of APIs can be rapidly scaled by our Process Chemistry team, providing hundreds of grams of a pure and well-characterized solid form for input into toxicity and efficacy studies.