Our integrated project teams are supported by a highly experienced and dedicated group of scale-up chemists (ex-Merck, Aventis, Roche, GSK and Ultrafine). Working with purpose-built reactor rigs (reaction temperature range <-70 ˚C up to 180 ˚C), large-scale synthesis and purification equipment, added value is delivered to customers by efficient in-house synthesis of key project intermediates (up to kilogram quantities) and active pharmaceutical ingredients (up to ~500g quantities) for preclinical toxicological studies.

As integrated drug discovery projects progress towards late-stage lead optimization, members of the scale-up team are deployed within the project teams to engage in early process chemistry research and development support. This enables seamless process transfer to our client's pilot plant, or to a CRO of their choice, thus avoiding delays that are often experienced post candidate nomination.

    • Redesign and optimization of synthetic routes
    • Compound purification and isolation improvements
    • Isolation and characterization of side products
    • Physical form monitoring
    • Generation of early calorimetric data
    • Management of other specialist CROs
    • Provision of full technical transfer documentation
    • Interchangeable thermal jacketed reactors (2, 5, 10 and 20L)
    • 5-20L flange-flask reaction glassware
    • High-capacity Interchim Puriflash® 4100
    • 20L Buchi evaporator