In conjunction with our drug sensitivity and molecular characterization data, our 3D assays, done by using our proprietary patient-derived xenograft (PDX) explants, enable you to evaluate the potency of your compound compared to standard-of-care drugs. This allows you to identify the most promising drug candidates, tumor histotypes and molecular subtypes for further testing.

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A High-Content Image Analysis Approach for Quantitative Measurements of Chemosensitivity in Patient-Derived Tumor Microtissues

Learn about the data correlation between in vitro 3D PDX cultures and in vivo PDX tumor models. Read Article

Data collected in these assays can then be used to select PDX models for subsequent in vivo efficacy tests. The data can also be used to run systematic two-drug combination therapy studies over a range of concentrations and to correlate the tumor response with molecular data (biomarker identification).

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