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The industry standard from hit identification to development candidate nomination is on average 33-36 months. Charles River’s truly integrated drug discovery (IDD) services have reduced this timeline to as little as 24 months through industry experienced, multi-disciplinary teams focused on resource efficiency, scientific excellence and strategic partnerships with clients through all aspects of drug discovery.

John Montana, PhD, Corporate Vice President, Integrated Drug Development and Strategic Projects, discusses the difference between an integrated drug discovery project and a traditional outsourcing project.

With numerous technologies for hit identification, coupled with our knowledge-based approach to advance compounds from hit-to-lead into lead optimization, our scientific team consistently convert leads into successful preclinical development candidates. Our integrated drug discovery projects are often managed by a member of our Scientific Advisory Services (SAS) team. Meet the SAS Team

Charles River IDD scientists serve as drug discovery consultants and have expertise across almost all therapeutic areas. The project team understands client requirements and delivers development candidates that meet agreed target product profiles.

Track Record of Candidates

Charles River chemistry, biology, large molecule and small molecule screening scientists deliver patents and compound candidates in many therapeutic areas including oncology, neurology, immune-oncology, pain, inflammation and respiratory to our drug discovery cro clients.Successful candidate development is directly related to the experience of scientists, investment in platform technologies and application of a translational approach. Check out our candidate delivery and patent track record by therapeutic area. Will our next discovery be yours?

Understanding how and when to plan a preclinical investigational new drug (IND)-enabling program is an integral part of meeting specific milestones necessary for timely and efficient IND submission. Charles River has several decades of IND research experience, a unique range of services and best-in-class expertise to help clients successfully initiate and complete an IND-enabling program on time and within budget. Charles River supports small molecule drug discovery work and large molecule drug discovery work with the design of suitable studies or programs for submission to all global regulatory authorities.
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Integrated Drug Discovery Seminar Series

Attend the seminar to learn how Charles River’s integrated drug discovery programs have reduced this timeline through industry experienced, multi-disciplinary teams focused on resource efficiency, scientific excellence and strategic partnerships with clients through all aspects of drug discovery.

Charles River chemistry and biology leaders host seminars throughout the year to share data and present case studies on how to optimize the drug discovery workflow.

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Integrated Drug Discovery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the difference between an integrated drug discovery model and typical outsourcing models?

    Typical outsourcing models include multiple sources and contract research organizations (CROs). In some cases, an external consultant is hired to manage the inputs, outputs, project timeline, and project costs. With the integrated drug discovery services at Charles River, there is one project team working through all phases in the preclinical workflow. This team acts as an in-house drug discovery consultant.

  • What are the advantages of using an integrated drug discovery approach with one CRO?

    When using a single CRO from early discovery all the way through to IND, clients have one project team working to get the compound candidate to early safety and to the IND package. The team regularly assesses what progress has been made and what issues have arisen, and develops a plan for solving those problems. Additionally, the project team can look ahead to anticipate the project needs. This is particularly advantageous going from in vitro studies to in vivo studies and also with the transition from the discovery to the safety phase.

  • Is an integrated drug discovery approach appropriate for mid-sized biotech organizations?

    Mid-sized biotech companies face a unique set of challenges. They are often trying to advance several programs in parallel, while keeping teams small and agile to maintain a competitive and innovative edge. They are faced with resource constraints and likely encounter a problem that cannot be addressed with in-house capabilities. Charles River integrated drug discovery services can keep pace with small and agile biotech teams and also perform at the level of scientific excellence that is demanded.

  • Is an integrated drug discovery approach appropriate for a small biotech?

    Virtual biotechs and small startups are often under challenges revolving around lack of resources and lack of credible partners to trust with their intellectual property (IP). Charles River integrated drug discovery resolves both scenarios. The IDD project teams offer a streamlined process and a diverse group of experts to help a skeleton crew reach the clinic, and ultimately get therapy to patients faster.