Cardiovascular and Metabolic Study Models

Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases are among the leading causes of death and disability in the developed world, and a growing concern in developing nations. Charles River offers a comprehensive cardiovascular and metabolic disease drug discovery service portfolio, including innovative target identification and validation platforms, complex in vitro and in vivo pharmacology models, and a strong chemistry and disease biology foundation, all of which assist in translating basic research to clinical reality.

We provide a number of in vivo pharmacology models for obesity, diabetes and its complications, fatty liver disease, atherosclerosis, vascular inflammation, dyslipidemia, and other metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. Combining our well-characterized in vivo models and broad suite of translational biomarkers, our partners the flexibility they need to demonstrate the therapeutic efficacy of their compounds.

Pharmaceutical Formulation Development

Scientists working in pharmaceutical formulation laboratory designed to eliminate cross-contamination and suitable for the preparation of preclinical dosing formulations of any batch sizeA formulator should be an integral part of your development team as the physicochemical characterization and varied formulation techniques have become increasingly more complex.


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