Cardiovascular and Metabolic Study Models

Our scientists can help biopharmaceutical companies engaged in cardiovascular and metabolic disease drug discovery research advance their program. We provide a number of in vivo pharmacology models for metabolic and cardiovascular diseases including:

Combining our well-characterized in vivo models and broad suite of translational biomarkers, our partners the flexibility they need to demonstrate the therapeutic efficacy of their compounds.

Scientists working in pharmaceutical formulation laboratory designed to eliminate cross-contamination and suitable for the preparation of preclinical dosing formulations of any batch size

Pharmaceutical Formulation Development

A formulator should be an integral part of your development team as the physicochemical characterization and varied formulation techniques have become increasingly more complex.

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Assess Clinically Relevant End Points

Successful drug discovery relies on the selection of drug candidates with good in vivo pharmacokinetic properties, appropriate preclinical safety profiles and data packages supporting on-target effects that can be assessed in multiple animal models. Our Discovery Services group is made up of skilled technicians and scientists with decades of experience in big pharma and biotech who collectively have seen hundreds of programs move through the discovery process. We can guide your research towards a wide array of potential analytical endpoints, including:

Simply put, we offer a suite of services to get you a go/no-go answer on your Cardiovascular and Metabolic drug discovery programs.

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