Murine UTI Models

Urinary tract infections are amongst the most common infections in humans and represent the most frequent urological disease affecting bladder and kidneys. Those suffering from UTI often develop bacteriuria, cystitis, kidney infections, acute pyelonephritis and fever, representing a significant burden on the health care system. In the murine model there are a range of readouts including CFU in urine, kidney and bladder, pathology, bioanalysis, and bioluminescent imaging (IVIS) to monitor in-life infection.

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Study Endpoints

  • Clinical scores
  • Change in bodyweight and temperature
  • Bacterial load
    • In-life analysis – luminescence (IVIS technology) and urine CFU
    • CFU burden in bladders and kidneys
  • In vitro analysis of immune responses – ELISA, Luminex, T cell assays, FACS

Validation Data

CFU recovered from urine following a P. aeruginosa urinary tract infectionFigure 1: Bacteria (CFU) recovered in urine following urinary tract infection with P. aeruginosa in mice


Bacteria recovered from the bladders and kidneys of mice infected with S. aureusFigure 2: Bacteria (CFU) recovered from bladders and kidneys following urinary tract infection with S. aureus in mice