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The COVID vaccines patients are receiving today are not the same as those you got as a child. Combined with advances in technology, our deepened understanding of immunity has ushered in new approaches to vaccines and the way we develop them. Companies entering this space must prepare a strategic plan that considers therapeutic properties, clinical use and regulatory guidelines.

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A vaccine candidate is injected by a syringe into a vial for vaccine development.

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Vital Science™ Podcast Series: Vaccine Development

Vital Science™ hosts Gina Mullane and Chris Garcia chat about the content of our first several Season 2 episodes – a miniseries covering infectious disease and immunity, origins of vaccination, therapeutic development and regulation, and the scientific community’s recent accomplishments in the fight against COVID.

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From Discovery Through Safety and Manufacturing Testing

Speed Up Your Vaccine Efficacy and Safety Testing

There are many components to consider to effectively develop a vaccine. Learn about the regulatory guidelines, study designs, and endpoints you should consider to efficiently and effectively develop your vaccine from discovery to safety assessment.
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Vaccine Safety Testing Considerations

Vaccines follow a strict regulatory pathway and the safety assessment is a critical component. The type of studies conducted depend on the vaccine type and it is due to their diversity that they require a case by case approach.
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Lot Release Testing

Charles River provides GMP lot release testing services for bulk drug substances and clinical and marketed products for the European Union (EU), United States (US) and other regulatory-distinct markets, and can act as a single site for your global release testing.
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The anti-infective role of the immune system on E.coli infection

Fight Against Infectious Disease

From Vaccine In Vitro Assays to In Vivo Models

Find the best bacterial models to use in your drug development program, from early in vitro screening assays to identify efficacy, to a range of clinically relevant in vivo models.

Coronavirus Research: Futureproofing for Emerging Infections

Understand better the interaction between pathogens and how the immune system responds, so that we can respond quickly in the event of future health issues.

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