Immunology Pharmacology Models

In recent years researchers have put greater emphasis on the role of the immunology in disease; the immune response can result in chronic inflammation and autoimmune disease, but is also increasingly being considered in diseases not traditionally considered immunogenic. Charles River’s expert Immunologists provide a range of in vivo and in vitro models to help support our clients needs in inflammation and autoimmune disease, and across the therapeutic areas, including immuno-oncology.

We have developed a range of inflammation and autoimmune disease models, which are combined with the appropriate biomarkers, including flow cytometry and histologic analysis, for a study design tailored to meet the strategic goals of our partners’ programs. This in vitro support of our in vivo models allows our projects to be truly translational.

In addition to our range of inflammation models and autoimmune efficacy models we have, in vitro immunology assays, Pharmacodynamic (PD) models, and predictive immunotoxicology models to help mitigate risk of adverse immune responses and to progress the best version of the drug to the clinic.

Ask our Immunologists about our models

Our scientists can help elucidate the complex chemical and biological processes involved with the immune system; the integrated teams at Discovery from Charles River have successfully delivered over two dozen development candidates across multiple target classes with inflammation and immunology indications. Their expertise gives our partners access to an unparalleled scope of therapeutic area-focused knowledge.

Our Inflammation and Autoimmune Disease Models include: