• IgD/dextran conjugate-mediated B-cell activation using flow cytometry in whole blood
  • Species: Rat

B cells contribute greatly in the development and expression of autoimmunity. Depletion of B cells and blocking B-cell activation are beneficial in reducing autoimmune conditions in human and animal disease models. Following B-cell activation, the up-regulation of CD86 on a B-cell surface is observed within 6 hours and peaks at around 24 hours. Inhibitors specific for B cell receptor (BCR)-initiated activation cascades block BCR-dependent CD86 expression in humans and mice. Thus, the effect of the inhibitors on CD86 expression correlates well with their effect on reduction of disease development.

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To evaluate the effect of a compound in an ex vivo model of B-cell CD86 activation after in vivo compound dosing, we collect whole blood at various time points and evaluate the presence of CD86 on B cell surface by flow cytometry.