In Vivo Pharmacology Models

Animal models are critical to understanding the progression of neurological disease while providing a complete interactive physiology to understand the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a candidate. With our extensive portfolio, we can collaborate with you to develop novel study designs to meet your specific research needs. Our comprehensive suite of imaging and electrophysiology modalities, behavioral and biomarker endpoints, and other translational tools enable more effective decision-making to help move your research forward. Our portfolio of neurological disease animal models available for drug discovery studies include:

In Vitro Models & Assays

Phenotypic assays using various neuronal cell models are robust tools to discover new disease targets, perform high-throughput screens, understand mechanism of action, and develop clinically relevant biomarkers. Assays performed in commercially available cell lines typically do not result in clinically relevant data, but this challenge is addressed by using human ES cells and iPS-derived neurons from patient samples. At Charles River, we have developed robust and reproducible in vitro models that are validated for multiple assay platforms and are reliable tools to screen compounds. Our portfolio of neurological disease in vitro models & assays available for drug discovery studies include: