Tools for Neuroscience Drug Discovery

Charles River is committed to developing a comprehensive portfolio of technologies and capabilities to support drug discovery and safety studies for therapies targeting neurological and psychiatric diseases. These experimental methodologies can be used for early discovery to identify drug targets and optimize lead compounds as well as for later pharmacology and toxicology studies. Each method is validated in relevant cell-based assay systems and in vivo animal models of disease to generate predictive data that maximizes efficient translation from preclinical to clinical studies. Additionally, new technologies are added to the portfolio to improve sensitivity, efficacy, and reproducibility at every stage of the drug discovery continuum.

Neuroscience 2019 Scientific Posters


Discover new approaches and technologies to fuel your next neuroscience discovery. Check out our scientific posters from Neuroscience 2019.
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Some of the CNS-specific translational tools that are available include:

Our neuroscience toolkit encompasses biomarker development, pathology, behavioral and cognitive testing, physiology, and state-of-the-art imaging methods. Robust preclinical testing in rodent and nonrodent models, combined with comprehensive pathology services and market-leading cardiac risk assessment services, helps shorten the time required to move a promising lead compound into the clinic.

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