Services Offered

Beyond microdialysis, behavioral, EEG, electrophysiology, and bioanalytical services, we offer a variety of other supplemental and complementary services and study types.

  • Surgical and Dosing Methods

    Our team’s deep experience with all types of in vivo study provides an array of dosing techniques, lesion models, and vector administration. As with all of our services, these surgical/compound administration techniques can be applied in combination with other studies like microdialysis, behavior, or EEG measurements for greatest value and efficiency. Techniques in rats and mice include:

    • Oral dosing (PO)
    • Intraperitoneal dosing (IP)
    • Intravenous dosing (IV)
    • Subcutaneous dosing (SC)
    • Blood vessel cannulation (femoral, jugular, and tail vein)
    • Local tissue administration
    • Intracerebral injections
    • Intracerebroventricular (ICV)
    • Local administration by brain perfusion
    • IM administrations
  • Label-Free Receptor Occupancy

    Radio-label-free LC-MS/MS receptor occupancy studies make it possible to calculate the specific receptor occupancy of a test compound by comparing levels in an area rich in the target receptor with an area of the brain with very low target expression.

  • CNS PK Studies

    If you have an early stage compound, it’s important to know whether the compound is being absorbed following oral administration. Our complete pharmacokinetic studies include formulation evaluation and dosing all the way through to the final report. Often these are most valuable when deployed in combination with other techniques, such as behavior or neurochemistry, to develop a clear pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) relationship.

  • Voltammetry

    When you need to track very rapid changes in transmitters, fast scan cyclic voltammetry is a great solution. This electrochemical technique enables quantification of monoamine neurotransmitter changes in rodents in real-time, adding further value when combined with other services and techniques as part of a customized program of study.