Oncology CAR-T and Cell Therapy Testing Solutions

Get your CAR-T therapies to cancer patients faster, with safety and efficacy testing solutions designed to meet your cellular product’s unique specifications. Attuned to the shifts of a constantly changing landscape, our team of scientific and regulatory advisors can advise how to collect the data you need to progress your therapy to the clinic.

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Cellular therapies such as CAR-T cells target tumor cells. Charles River offers in vivo models for cell therapy testing to confirm efficacy.
Image showing immune cell-tumor interactions such as those seen with the CAR T cell therapy targeting of tumors.

In Vitro CAR-T and Cell Therapy Testing

From establishing on-target efficacy to mitigating the risk of on-target/off-tumor and off-target effects, in vitro assays for evaluating CAR-T cell therapies are a critical tool for your development. What assays are available and which ones are best for your therapy?

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Diagram showcasing the in vivo models available for cell therapy testing, including systemic, orthotopic, subcutaneous, and PDX models.

In Vivo Pharmacology and Safety Assessment

Is your CAR-T therapy ready for in vivo testing? Before you begin, learn how to choose the right model and discover how evaluating your cellular therapy’s safety in tandem with in vivo pharmacology assessments can accelerate your program.

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Cancer cell being targeted by CAR T Cell therapy.

The Right Tools to Optimize Cell Therapies for Oncology

In this webinar, our experts walk you through the process of CAR-T development and discover ways to optimize your cell therapy program.

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