In Vivo Tumor Models

Charles River’s experience with oncology drug discovery spans all phases, from target identification to IND studies. Utilizing the most effective combination of tools available to identify promising compounds, we work with our partners to design studies by selecting from amongst a broad range of well-characterized tumor models.

In Vivo Cancer Models:

Combining these cancer models with appropriate translational tools like ELISpot, flow cytometry, imaging, gene expression analysis, and tumor microdialysis, you can develop the most efficient, relevant study design and screening method to identify promising compounds and optimize lead candidates.

Before entering traditional in vivo efficacy models, using pharmacodynamic models helps to ensure target engagement and immune modulation e.g., adoptive T cell transfer and Graft vs Host (GvHD) models. Cost-effective 2D and 3D assays allow you to screen compounds before entering in vivo tumor models.

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Charles River is driving oncology drug discovery across a range of modalities including small molecules, immune therapies, biologics, cell therapies. At our BSL2 facilities we're even working on viral vectors and cancer vaccines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Cancer Models

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