CDX Models for Oncology Studies

Our cell line-derived xenograft CDX models are run as subcutaneous, disseminated, or orthotopic in both mice and rats. Human tumor cell line-derived xenografts in the immunodeficient nude rat model are used to conduct in vivo efficacy evaluation of potential cancer therapies. The nude rat xenograft model is well suited for tumor studies, as it closely mimics human disease state and has similar physiology and metabolic characteristics to humans. This model can be used to evaluate targeted therapy, cytotoxic drugs, antibody therapies, and viral therapies.

Our broad range of tumor lines gives you a wide variety of testing alternatives. We evaluate our tumor xenograft portfolio on a regular basis for response to standards of care and store data to aid the design of combination studies.

In addition to helping you select the most appropriate model for your agent, our scientific staff can fully profile your agent in a variety of tumor types or in combination with the appropriate clinical agent. When you’re ready to prepare your IND filing, we offer our CDX rat models as a second species, in addition to our mouse CDX models.

Our full range of cell lines in multiple tumor histotypes is listed below. Need something different? Contact our team; we are happy to develop a specific cell line and CDX rat model at your request.

Tumor Type Cell Line
Brain U87MG
Breast MDA-MB-231
Colon HCT116, HT29
Epidermoid A431
Leukemia MV4-11, RS4;11, THP-1
Lung H460
Melanoma A2058, A375
Ovarian A2780
Pancreatic MiaPaCa-2
Prostate PC3

Efficacy evaluation in CDX rat models can be combined with:

  • Hematology (CBC/Diff) analysis
  • Pharmacokinetic or bioavailability sampling and analysis
  • Histopathology or tissue sampling
  • Biomarker screening, sampling or evaluation
  • Supporting in vitro 2D assays and 3D ex vivo screening models

If you’re looking to purchase oncology research models for use in your own efficacy studies, please visit our research models pages or see our xenograft data collection for help in selecting the best animal model.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for CDX models: