Ion Channel Screening Technologies and Platforms

High-throughput identification of a compound’s ion channel efficacy, potency, specificity, or potential for off-target effects is a critical step in early drug discovery. Our compound identification services use fluorescence-based, automated patch clamp and conventional (manual patch) electrophysiology assays. Assays are conducted against a large collection of over 120 ion channels expressed in mammalian cells.

Charles River scientists have pioneered ion channel screening and research for nearly 20 years, creating more than 120 functionally validated assays and cell lines. We offer a variety of cutting edge technologies for ion channel screening, profiling and mechanism of action (MOA) studies, supporting our partners’ quests for the discovery of novel ion channel therapeutics.

Ion channel screening capabilities

  • Eliminate having to repeat studies and long cascade cycles with electrophysiology method for large HTS using the Sophion Qube and IonWorks® Barracuda™ platforms for large High-Throughput Screening (voltage-gated and ligand-gated ion channels).
    • Giga-seal quality data
    • 384 well plates
    • Profiling conducted on same instrument for seamless flow through ion channel screening cascade
  • Gain detailed pharmacological and biophysical follow-up studies using conventional platforms and the Sophion QPatch HT® automated electrophysiology technology.
  • Perform fluorescence-based screens of up to 700,000 compounds with the FLIPR® / Hamamatsu FDSS platform.
  • Capture large-scale transient expression using MaxCyte® STX™, allowing 40 million to 10 billion cells per transfection.
Data from Ion Channel Screens

Obtain rich data and scientific insights often not found at inhouse labs by accessing experienced Charles River scientists in the identification and characterization of a target compound for pain.Advance your therapeutic compound target for pain using cutting edge technology and platforms for ion channel screening. See sample recording data from an HCN2 screen and learn more about our available ion channel assays. Learn More

Ion channel screening services

  • Computational chemistry for knowledge-based compound deck selection from our 850,000 diverse compound library
  • Assay development and transfer services to compliment your current study design.
  • Ion channel selectivity profiling
  • Hit-to-lead and lead optimization support using fluorescence-based, automated and conventional electrophysiology
  • Custom cell line generation – single alpha subunits to more complex multi-subunit combinations, constitutive and inducible expression vectors
  • Access to fluorescence-activated cell sorting