RNA Interference

Adenoviral vectors are used to introduce shRNA or cDNA into cells in order to switch genes of interest off (knock-down by RNAi) or on (overexpress). Charles River has collections of arrayed adenoviruses focusing on druggable targets, greatly increasing the chances of ultimately discovering clinically effective therapies.

Our adenoviral system has some distinct advantages over conventional transfection technologies and the use of lentiviral vectors:

  • Efficient delivery to a wider range of human primary cells
  • Suitable for both transient and long-term expression of the RNAi or overexpression phenotype, without genomic integration
  • Arrayed format for high-throughput readout
  • Cherry-pick genes of interest or screen entire library

In addition to our off-the-shelf shRNA and cDNA collections, we can generate viruses expressing constructs to either overexpress or knock-down your genes of interest. Our FLeXSelect® Collection contains over 1,900 human full-length cDNAs that can be used to increase the expression of genes in cells.