Charles River offers a wide range of orthogonal platforms for primary screening, fragment screening, hit confirmation and characterization, hit-to-lead and lead optimization.

Targets are addressed individually, and the most efficient and pharmacologically relevant solution is provided.

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)
  • Biacore 4000 for high-throughput hit identification
  • Biacore T200 with added sensitivity for kinetic profiling, mechanistic analysis and backup screening
High-Concentration Biochemical Assays
  • Multi-modal fluorescence and luminescence readouts
  • Electrophoretic mobility (Caliper)
  • Binding assays and other high-concentration biochemical assays
X-ray Crystallographic Screening
  • In-house X-ray facility with synchrotron access 
  • Crystal bank of structures
Native Mass Spectrometry
  • Label-free technology for detecting protein-ligand complexes in their native state
  • Highly sensitive and information rich (binding mode, affinity and stoichiometry)