Diverse Screening Libraries

Screening the right set of compounds for your program greatly enhances the speed and ultimate success of your drug development program.

  • Chemical Compound Libraries – Over 850,000 unique chemical compounds, including target-directed compound libraries for a collection with significant structural diversity and lead-likeness and overall solubility profile.
  • Cell Line Libraries – More than 120 functionally validated ion channel cell lines as well as customized service, starting with stable expression of single proteins through to stable co-expression of multiple protein subunits.
  • SuperHuman Library for Antibody Screening – Rapidly discover hits of unique antibodies against any target of interest in under three months. This antibody library is 100x more diverse than other antibody libraries, recovering hundreds of picomolar binders, saturating coverage of hits against every epitope and isolating multi-species cross-reactive members against target homologs and is designed with approximately five billion CDR-H3s and 76 billion total antibodies, resulting in comprehensive guidance and hit optimization directly out of the library.
  • cDNA Libraries – Short hairpin RNA (shRNA) library of over 19,000 shRNAs that can be used to knock down more than 5,000 different human druggable targets. These 5,000 genes represent more than 11,000 transcript variants.