Chemical Compound Libraries

Charles River offers one of the most powerful screening platforms in the industry with over 850,000 unique chemical compounds, including target-directed compound libraries. In 2017, we enhanced our screening collection with the addition of 40,000 new compounds and, in parallel, restructured the lead-like and diversity compound libraries. These enhancements have delivered a collection with significantly increased structural diversity and lead-likeness, whilst increasing its overall solubility profile.

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Compound Library Sets for
High-Throughput Screening (HTS)

Each library may be screened individually or in combination with other libraries, allowing a tailored approach to HTS project requirements and the greatest coverage of chemical space to maximize the chance of finding hits.

Lead-Like Compound Library
  • Premier collection of 155,000 sourced compounds, including 28,000 compounds added in 2017, and restructured to maintain the diversity profile
  • Structural alert-free and lead-like properties
  • > 95% of this library has calculated properties that favour blood-brain barrier penetration
SuperHuman Library for Antibody Screening
  • Rapidly discover hits of unique antibodies against any target of interest in under three months
  • 100x more diverse than other antibody libraries, recovering hundreds of picomolar binders, saturating coverage of hits against every epitope and isolating multi-species cross-reactive members against target homologs
  • Designed with approximately five billion CDR-H3s and 76 billion total antibodies, resulting in comprehensive guidance and hit optimization directly out of the library
SoftFocus® Compound Library
  • 45,000 compounds designed towards major target families
  • Knowledge for resupply and hit explosion
Diversity Compound Library
  • 689,000 sourced compounds applicable to a wide range of targets, including the addition of 12,000 new compounds in 2017
Fragment Library
  • 1,500 high-solubility fragments, including 3D collections
  • Solid material is available for the majority of the members of this library to enable follow-up studies by biophysical methods and crystallography
Compound Library Design
  • Custom-designed screening libraries to suit your requirements and budget