The structural biology team at Charles River carries out high-resolution structure determination by X-ray crystallography to support both stand-alone and integrated drug discovery projects. We have access to both in-house and synchrotron data collection facilities to provide fast turnaround and high-throughput structure determination (including fragment screening campaigns). 

Integration of protein production, crystallization and structure solution allows for efficient streamlining of the structure determination process. The resulting structures, combined with the significant industrial design experience of our crystallographers and integrated with results from advanced biophysical assays, allow us to detail protein-ligand interactions at a structural, kinetic and thermodynamic level and provide insight to drug design projects.

Protein Crystallization

  • Robotic nanoliter-scale screening and imaging
  • Screening with known ligands
  • Automated optimization of conditions for crystal growth
  • Co-crystallization or soaking of ligands

X-ray Crystallography

  • Electron density maps
  • Scaled and merged diffraction data
  • Complete atomic coordinates
  • Structure interpretation
  • Ligand binding analysis (where appropriate)
  • Advice on medicinal chemistry design (where appropriate)