In vitro expertise in support of your drug discovery program is vital to the successful development of novel therapeutics. Charles River Discovery Services offers an unsurpassed range of high-quality in vitro services and capabilities to further efficacy, metabolic, toxicokinetic, and bioanalytical investigations. We offer a comprehensive array of validated assays for every step along your discovery workflow. We have validated over 100 complex human primary cellular assays, have access to patient-derived cell lines, and developed gene editing tools. We can customize assays for target discovery, validation, and expression in various therapeutic areas of expertise, such as respiratory, inflammation, neuroscience, oncology, and rare diseases.

Capabilities include:

  • Complex human primary cellular assays – over 100 assays developed using primary or stem cells (human embryonic or induced pluripotent) from healthy or diseased donors, all to demonstrate the correct biological context
  • Biomarker platforms – for predictive and response development to assess pathway related target engagement using a database of over 350 patient-derived profiles
  • High-content screening – small molecule screening using our 850,000-compound collection and RNAi screening of knock-down and Human FL-cDNA libraries using our proprietary adenoviral platform, SilenceSelect® with multiparameter detection
  • Genomic engineering – efficient editing of DNA for target discovery using gRNA libraries, in vitro target validation, and generation of cells
  • Mechanism of action studies (MOAs) – multiple technologies such as adenoviral, chemogenomics biophysical, and cross-screening to analyze your candidate’s MOA
  • Ion channel assays – a pioneer in ion channel research, over 100 assays for selectivity profiling identifying trafficking inhibition, and monitoring epithelial short-circuit current