As our understanding of the complex interplay of networks and pathways within cellular processes increases, the need for ways to screen compounds in the correct disease context also grows. Charles River has extensive experience screening in disease-relevant human primary cells with functional readouts in medium- and high-throughput.

We offer customized assay development and screening with readouts including high-content screening and multiparameter detection (HT-FACS, Luminex and Meso Scale Discovery). With quality systems applied throughout the process – from cell culture to data analysis – we deliver data you can trust.


  • 100 complex human primary cell assays for hit finding, target discovery and target validation
  • Cells derived from tissue, blood and differentiated stem cells
  • Cells from healthy donors or donors with defined disease characteristics
  • High-content platforms with multiplexed readouts
  • Scientific expertise in over 25 human primary cell types and more than 20 disease indications
  • Mechanism of action studies using adenoviral SilenceSelect® and FLeXSelect® libraries