Our extensive experience in stem cell culturing and differentiation delivers a comprehensive stem cell portfolio resulting in reproducible cell populations (striatal and cortical neurons) and robust assay quality.


With a focus on CNS, we work with different suppliers to access patient-derived cells from neurological diseases such as Huntington's and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to culture and differentiate them into neural cells for compound screening, target discovery, and validation. Using pluripotent stem cells, we offer high-throughput compatible assays, with low variability and reproducible pharmacology observed in high-content and molecular biology approaches, including gene expression profiling for thorough quality control during culture and differentiation.

Stem cell-derived neurons are used in medium-throughput assays (e.g., hit compound deconvolution). We have developed arrays of high-content algorithms to allow measurement of cell morphology and toxicity in fixed-cell and real-time format, and have electrophysiology capabilities for measurement of neuronal activity. This expertise in CNS therapeutic areas presents the ability to adopt specific stem cell differentiation protocols for production of other disease-relevant cells types.