Charles River conducts contract studies in established animal models of cognitive decline associated with aging (including Alzheimer’s disease) to test the efficacy of novel therapeutics. Our aged rat and mouse models begin to exhibit cognitive, biochemical and brain metabolism deficits at approximately 20 months of age. Aged cohorts of animals are available for immediate studies.

Aged rat and mouse studies can also be combined with scopolamine-induced amnesia.

    example study paradigm of rat and mice models of aging and cognitive decline


    • Body weight
    • Morris Water Maze (MWM) for learning and memory
    • In vivo 1H-MR spectroscopy for hippocampal metabolic profiling
    • Synaptophysin qPCR for synaptic marker
    • Synaptic
      • qPCR for PSD95
      • Synaptophysin IHC/WB
    • Bioenergetic, Mitochondrial and Redox
      • In vitro 31P-MRS for ATP, ADP, PCR, Pi
      • In vitro 1H-MRS for PCR, CR, NAA, TAU, GLU, GLN, LAC, GABA, mINS, ACE, CHO and GSH
    • Neurochemical
      • HPLC for ACh, DA, 5HT, NE
    • Cell Population and Proliferation
      • Immunohistochemistry for NeuN, GFAP and Iba-1
      • BrdU
    MWM Axquisition - LatencyPSD95 gene expression levels in rat cortexMR spectroscopy