Our xenograft model portfolio is evaluated on a regular basis for response to standards of care and this data is available for designing combination studies.

Our scientific staff can assist in selecting the most appropriate model for your agent. Complete profiling of agents can be carried out in a variety of tumor types or in combination with the appropriate clinical agent.

Efficacy evaluation can be combined with:

  • Hematology (CBC/Diff) analysis
  • Pharmacokinetic or bioavailability sampling and analysis
  • Histopathology or tissue sampling
  • Biomarker screening, sampling or evaluation

Models With Profile

Histotype Cell Line*
Bladder SW780
Brain SF-295, SK-N-AS, U87 MG, U251
Breast BT474, HCC-1806, HCC-1954, JIMT-1, MCF-7, MDA-MB-231
Colon CL-34, COLO 205, DLD-1, HCT 116, HCT-15, HT-29, LoVo, LS-174T, LS411N, RKO, SW48, SW480, SW620
Epithelial A-431
Gastric N87, SNU-5
Head and Neck FaDu
Leukemia HL-60, MOLM-13, MOLT-4, MV4-11, RS4;11, SET2, THP-1
Liver Hep3B, HuH-7, SNU-398
Lung (Non-small cell) A-427, A549, H1299, H1975, H226, H23, H292, H460, H520, H522, H647, H727, H810, HCC-44, NCI-H2122, SK-MES-1
Lung (Small cell) H69, H82, H211, H526, SHP-77, DMS 114
Lymphoma Daudi, DoHH-2, Granta 519, JEKO-1, KARPAS-299, MOLT-4, Raji B, Ramos, REC-1, RL, SU-DHL-4, WSU-DLCL2
Melanoma A2058, A375, IGR-37, UACC-62
Mesothelioma MSTO-211H
Multiple Myeloma H929, OPM-2, RPMI 8226
Neuroblastoma SKNAS
Ovarian A2780, IGR0V1, OVCAR-3, OVCAR-5, SK-OV-3, TOV-21G
Pancreas BxPc-3, HPAC, HPAF II, KP4, MIA PaCa-2, PANC-1
Prostate 22Rv.1, PC3
Renal 786-0, G-401, G-402
Sarcoma HT-1080, SJSA-1
Thyroid 8505C, FTC-238
Uterine ECC-1, MFE-280
*Note: Specially requested lines can be developed if a model of interest is not among those listed above.

Models Without Profile

Although the models listed below have not yet been profiled for response to current standards of care, tumor growth curve data is available.

Histotype Cell Line*
Adrenal H295R
Breast HCC70
Ewing's Sarcoma RD-ES
Gastric MKN-45
Leukemia HEL92.1.7, K-562, Kasumi-1
Lung COR-L23, NCI-H1963, H2009, H1581, H1993, H441
Lymphoma Mino, Namalwa
Melanoma CHL-1, COLO 800, IGR-1, IGR-37
Ovarian OV-90
Prostate DU145, LNCaP, VCaP
Thyroid K1
Uterine HEC-1-A, HEC-1-B
*Note: Specially requested lines can be developed if a model of interest is not among those listed above.

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