129-Elite (SOPF) Mouse

129-Elite Mouse
129-Elite Mouse
129-Elite (SOPF) Mouse

129-Elite (SOPF) Mouse Details

Developed by Dr. L.C. Stevens from The Jackson Laboratory. During the 1970s, Dr. Stevens introduced this line to the Pasteur Institute of Paris in the laboratory of Dr. J.L. Guenet. To Iffa Credo in August 1996. To Charles River in November 1998.

SOPF = VAF® Elite; they are based on the same monitoring programmes in terms of agents screened, number and age of animals screened, frequency of testing, and recycling policies.

Note: We also offer the 129 Mouse (bred in France and Germany).

Coat Color
Light-bellied agouti

MHC Haplotype

Strain Code

Ideal For
Transgenic/knockout model development, large number of unmyelinated axons in lumbar motor roots

Bred in

Growth Chart Not Available

Growth Chart Currently Not Available

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For additional information, including pricing details, please visit the 129 mouse page on the Vital River Laboratories website.