Athymic Nude Mouse

Athymic Nude Mouse
Athymic Nude Mouse
Athymic Nude Mouse

Athymic Nude Mouse Details

This immunodeficient nude mouse originated from NIH and was originally thought to be a BALB/c congenic. It was later determined that it was not inbred and is therefore maintained as an outbred. It is not associated with any stock or strain. The animal lacks a thymus, is unable to produce T cells, and is therefore immunodeficient. To Charles River from NCI in 2010.

Note: See our isolator page for available immunocompromised animal housing units.

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Coat Color
Hairless, albino background

Strain Code
490 (Homozygous), 491 (Heterozygous, not immunodeficient)

Ideal For
Tumor biology and xenograft research

Bred in

Growth Chart Not Available

LOCATION: Wilmington
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LOCATION: Hollister
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