NIH-III Nude Mouse

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NIH-III Nude Mouse Details

Most commonly called the NIH-III, it was developed at NIH. In addition to the nude gene, which results in the absence of thymus and T-cell function, this mouse has two other mutations important in regulating the function of the immune system. These are designated as x-linked immune defect (xid) and beige (bg). The xid mutation affects the maturation of T-independent B lymphocytes. It has been demonstrated that bg homozygotes have defective natural killer (NK) cells that are cytotoxic in vitro to tumor cells. However, the extent of the T-independent B lymphocyte and NK cell deficiencies in the NIH-III have not been established.

The control model for the NIH-III nude mouse is the heterozygous NIH-III-HE mouse.

Note: See our isolator page for available immunocompromised animal housing units.

Coat Color
Hairless, light to dark gray pigmented skin
Strain Code
201 (Homozygous)
Ideal For
Tumor biology and xenograft research

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LOCATION: Wilmington
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