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The first nude mouse appeared at the Virus Laboratory, Ruchill Hospital in Glasgow in 1962 in Dr. N.R. Grist's laboratory. Dr. Grist sent the mutation to Edinburgh for investigation. The mutation arose in a closed but not deliberately inbred albino stock. The genetics of the mutant nude mouse was studied at the institute of Animal Genetics Edinburgh. Absence of thymus was described by Pantelouris (1968). In December 1968, Dr. Rygaard obtained two heterozygous pairs (nu/+) from the Institute for Animal Genetics in Edinburgh, Scotland. Due to poor viability and fertility of the nude mice obtained from Glasgow, Dr. Rygaard decided to transfer the gene to another genetic background. He chose the NMRI outbred strain as the background and soon had a very productive breeding system.

Coat Color
Hairless, albino background

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