NU/NU Nude Mouse

NU/NU Nude Mouse
NU/NU Nude Mouse
NU/NU Nude Mouse

NU/NU Nude Mouse Details

This immunodeficient nude mouse originated from NIH and was originally thought to be a BALB/c congenic. It was later determined that it was not inbred and is, therefore, maintained as an outbred and is not associated with any stock or strain. The animal lacks a thymus, is unable to produce T-cells, and is, therefore, immunodeficient.

Note: See our isolator page for available immunocompromised animal housing units.

Coat Color
Hairless, albino background

Strain Code
088 (Homozygous), 089 (Heterozygous, not immunodeficient)

Ideal For
Tumor biology and xenograft research

Bred in

NU/NU Nude Mouse US Growth Chart

LOCATION: Wilmington
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LOCATION: Hollister
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Growth Chart for NU/NU Nude Mouse Colony at Vital River Laboratories in China

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For additional information, including pricing details, please visit the NU/NU Nude mouse page on the Vital River Laboratories website.