OT II Mouse

Genetically Engineered
OT-II TCR transgenic mouse
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OT II Mouse Details

From the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Victoria, Australia, to Charles River France in 2002. These homozygous transgenic mice express the mouse alpha-chain and beta-chain T cell receptor that pairs with the CD4 coreceptor and is specific for chicken ovalbumin 323-339 in the context of I-A b. Homozygous mice are viable and fertile. In these mice there is a four-fold increase in the CD4 to CD8 peripheral T cell ratio, and lymph node T cells demonstrate a dose-dependent proliferative response to the specific ovalbumin ligand.

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T cell biology research (e.g., TCR-ligand interactions, T cell activation, thymic selection, cross-presentation of antigens, process of thymic selection and central and peripheral T cell tolerance and induction)

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Technical Resource

  • Didierlaurent AM, Collignon C, Bourguignon P, Wouters S, Fierens K, Fochesato M, Dendouga N, Langlet C, Malissen B, Lambrecht BN, Garçon N, Van Mechelen M, Morel S. Enhancement of Adaptive Immunity by the Human Vaccine Adjuvant AS01 Depends on Activated Dendritic CellsJournal of Immunology: epub ahead of print 2014 July 14