SCID Hairless Outbred (SHO®) Mouse

SCID Hairless Outbred (SHO) Mouse
SCID Hairless Outbred (SHO) Mouse
SHO® Mouse

SCID Hairless Outbred (SHO®) Mouse Details

The hairless SCID mouse was produced by Charles River Research Models in 2007 by intercrossing the Crl:HA-Prkdcscid and Crl:SKH1-Hrhr stocks. The resulting animals are homozyogous for the Prkdcscid and the Hrhr mutations and thus exhibit the severe combined immunodeficiency phenotype characteristic of SCID mice and are also hairless.

Note: See our isolator page for available immunocompromised animal housing units.

Coat Color
Hairless, albino background

Strain Code

Ideal For
Tumor biology and xenograft research

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