Biomarker Discovery & Validation

Our knowledge and expertise allows us to assist with the discovery of biologically and scientifically relevant biomarkers, as well as the measurement and interpretation of their changes within the test system relating them to the drug development program. Scientific excellence is ensured by a synergy between experts in multiple areas, adding value to the preclinical studies. In addition to our portfolio of GLP-compliant markers, qualified assays can also be rapidly validated for GLP compliance.

Searchable Biomarker Database

Our new biomarker database streamlines your search by characterizing your options in one centralized, quick-reference repository. Browse our biomarkers by therapeutic area, toxicological indication and species.

Search Biomarker Database

    • Fluid- and tissue-based biomarkers
    • Behavioral assessments
    • Imaging
    • Physiological and functional assessments
    • Synergy between experts across functional areas
    • Translational knowledge
    • Development and qualification of novel biomakers
    • Rapid GLP validation of established qualified assays
    • Global sites provide for large capacity and flexibility
    • Full-service provider: identification, in vitro and in vivo services